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A resource for established artists record labels, A&R executives seeking quality songs. Also for video and, Film / TV producers seeking master quality recordings for scoring purposes.
All material provided in streaming audio formats for quick browsing.

For Songwriters
If you are a professional songwriter, you are welcome.   We   are looking for songs: mainly in the style of Pop, Euro Pop,  Dance,  Rap, Electronica, Soul,  Pop / Rock,   Alternative / AAA, Modern Rock  and R&B, for  several artists (male, female or groups).

Take My Love
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You Get Me High
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Orchestral Production
Cost-effective orchestral music production  for Film/ TV with the best Russian symphony orchestras (via ISDN) We will record the orchestral music that that you need for a price incomparable with any you have paid before. Our orchestra has completed more than 450 records for  animation and computer games, film soundtracks. 170 CDs were released by both major and independent labels such as BMG, Arte Nova,  Columbia Records, Sony Music, Toshiba, EMI, TOEI Publishing, Victor.

Electronic Production
For smaller budget films, we have state
of the art recording studios, and can produce
wonderful quality sampled studio scores.
In the production process we use the most modern technologies and devices such as Symbolic Sound Kyma (revolutionary sound design language) and more. 

The audio version of classic commics "Little Evil Things"

Client: TOEI Production

In your Head 
Client: Akira Senju (Composer)




�Crossover is  probably the best form for experimentation. You can do much more with it than just compose pop operas.�

A Crossover Breakthrough

Instead of recycling the well-known Arias in a popular arrangement, Ariaphonics combines the lyricism of the operatic aria with modern works specially written for the project.
Ariaphonics creates a unique, ethereal mood by using the vintage synthesisers to reproduce the rhythms and electronic sounds 70s now fashionable. On top of this is operatic vocal with Italian lyrics written specially for the project. Bridges link the tracks and define the album�s conceptuality, but the album remains a collection of separate works in radio format.
So imagine Sarah Brightman and Pink Floyd playing together It seems strange at first to hear operatic vocals after thoughtful chords more in the style of album rock, but you soon begin to understand that the drama is much closer to opera singing than traditional pop arrangements and emphasizes the theatrical mood .....



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