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Everybody knows about the highest professionalism of Russian orchestras and low-cost recording in Russia but not everyone had a chance to organize this process.
At the same time, Russian orchestras make many recordings for European and Japanese film companies.

Our company has decided to become
a kind of connecting link between western companies and the best creative people in Russia and we have handled this very seriously. 


Moscow International Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1990 and is considered to be the leading Russian orchestra in film music and commercial recordings field. During these years the orchestra recorded the music for more than 450 films, animation and computer games, soundtracks. 170 CDs were released by both major and independent labels such as BMG, Arte Nova, Naxos, Columbia Records, Sony Music, Toshiba, EMI, TOEI Publishing, Victor.

The joint concert tour of the orchestra and the famous British band Electric
Light Orchestra
taking place in England, Germany and Finland enjoyed a great


For our sessions we use MosFilm studio, perhaps one of the best-equipped studios in Europe.
Seats 120 piece orchestra. 96 input console, 5.1 mix rooms and full service
transfer facilities. Analog and digital capabilities. The studio is also
equipped by ISDN connection which permits us to organize virtual record
session for clients all over the world.


If you need to add a string quartet as backing for one of your artist's tracks, a string section, a full symphony orchestra, brass players or a choir, we can arrange them all. Orchestrators  receive  music from composers in the form of handwritten or computer printed scores and MIDI files, or a combination of these. The primary role of an orchestrator is to assist  the composer in delivering a fully orchestrated score from the composer´┐Żs sketch or score.

Full Orchestra (120 p) - Master Quality Production
Full Orchestra (120 p) - Master Quality Production 2
Orchestra (90 p) - Master Quality Production
Orchestra (90 p) - Master Quality Production
Orchestra (90 p) and Choir - Master Quality Production
Choir - Master Quality Production
Orchestra (75 p) - Demo Quality Production
Orchestra (75 p) - Demo Quality Production
String Orchestra + Vocal (14 p) - Master Quality Production
String Orchestra (14 p) - Master Quality Production

Master Quality vs. Demo Quality

In 4 -hour session session our company recorded approximately 12-15 minutes of master-quality music or 30-40 minutes of demo-quality music depending on genre and difficulty of the score. 

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