On-line Music Publishing And Production Labels  


Studio equipment:
SL 4048 G+ Solid Stale Logic console with G series
computer and Total Recall 

Hidley / Kinoshita Model 5 tor L&R channels 
Hidley / Kinoshita Model 2 for Center channel 
JBL 8330 for Surround channel; 
Yamaha NS-10M; 

820 - Studer 24-tracks 2" tape recorder 2 in sync. 
A 812-TC - Studer 2-tracks 1/4" tape recorder 
S M1 - Sondor 35mm film recorder 3/4/6 tracks 
PCM R-500 - Sony DAT recorder - 2 
BVU 800P - Sony U-matic H-BAND VCR (EBU LTC) 25 fps
with TC track Studer CD Player A 727 
Sony PCM-800 - 8 channel recorder
Digidesign Pro-Tools 

Neumann - TLM170(18), USM69(3), SM2(7), U87ai(6); 
AKG - D112(5), C414(6) 
Sennheiser - MD421(5), MD441(5), MKH40(8); 
Bruel & Kjaer - 4006 (3 Stereo Pairs), 4011(2); 


Akai S6000
Akai S5000 (2)
Korg Triton Rack
Roland 5080
Korg Karma
Novation SuperNova
Access Virus






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