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So\USE Music Is Promoting a New Service Available on the Website www.sousemusic.com

So\USE Music is promoting a new service available on the website www.sousemusic.com.
Now it s possible to place orders for recording of symphonic music with the best Russian orchestras and performers. So\USE Music will provide full service on full buyout conditions.
The company has signed an agreement with Moscow International Symphony Orchestra conducted by Konstantin Krimtz, who specializes in film music. 

His orchestra has completed more than 450 commercial records for clients throughout the world including tracks for Electric Light Orchestra, and also a large amount of film and computer games soundtracks. 

170 CDs, which were released both on major and independent labels (BMG, Arte Nova, Naxos, Columbia Records, Sony Music, Toshiba EMI, TOEI Publishing, Victror).

Record sessions will be held at the MosFilm studio, which is well known as one of the highest-quality studios in Europe. 

Besides there were signed many agreements with chamber orchestras and also with the performers (some of them world-famous) whose playing can be the highlight of any recording. 

Dmitri Silnitsky, Founder and CEO, comments: "Everybody knows about the highest professionalism
of Russian orchestras and low-cost recording in Russia but not everyone had a chance to organize this process. At the same time, Russian orchestras make many recordings for European and Japanese film companies. Our company has decided to become a kind of connecting link between western companies and the best creative people in Russia and we have handled this very seriously. 

"We had been choosing partners for our new service for a long time to be sure we that we have found only the best creative personalities able to make world-class music production. I think we can now provide the highest-quality service available which will also be very cost-effective for our clients.
We are going to keep developing in this direction in the future.
Now we are working to provide a high-speed channel with a studio in Moscow and to organize virtual record sessions, where a composer or a producer can take part in recording directly without
leaving his/her work place. 

"It also becomes possible to audition many performers, form an orchestra and calculate the cost
of recording right on our site. So there will be made available a unique interactive service we call "iContractor".
Along with on-line music licensing and publishing, this will become one of the main services our company will focus on."

The composer and producer, Alexander Rosenblatt, who has just finished the recording of its music for the film-ballet with So\USE Music, adds: "I am enchanted with the result because I received wonderful quality at a modest budget. We recorded more than 60 minutes of music with the full orchestra and it came out 5 times cheaper than I had planned. It was only one week from the moment of my first contact with So\USE Music to the beginning of recording, but when I heard the orchestra it seemed to me that they had already been playing my music for several months". 


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