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Q Can you company work to picture if I bring a VHS or a Betacam, or Betacam SP ?
A: Any of these standards. Usually we work with Betacam SP

Q: Can you work with a click or time-code?
A: We can work both with a click and with SMTE.

If you are scoring for film or video and require a click track during the
session you must provide an audio click track (AIFF file or CD) or a
standard MIDI File tempo map for each cue.

Q: What is the cost of smaller ensembles. Or do you not do that?
A:  We signed many agreements with chamber orchestras and 
also with the performers (some of them world-famous)
whose playing can be the highlight of any recording. 
Session rates depend on the size of the orchestra.
We can provide any size orchestra required for your 
project, but we typically use orchestras from
80 to 96 members. 
It is always more difficult to calculate
the cost for small bands because much depends on the
material. It is needed a rehearsal hall for such small
ensembles in order to make it with quality. 
You can send your scores and then we could tell
you the cost of recording with small ensamble

Q: I operate protools out of my studio....so my question is, would you mail me
the protools source files on CD after the recording so that I could master
it myself in my studio?

A: Of course, we can send you ProTools source files on CD or via ISDN.
It will also reduce the cost of our service by 10% if it doesn't  require mixing /mastering. 

Q: .Please give us more information about your payment policy

A:  We usually accept US dollars.
We also ready to offer  a 10% discount, if you record a full CD, i.e. more than three 
8-hour sessions. And we don't  demand full advance payment for our service. 
You can pay only 30% of the first session cost and the rest � after approving the work that 
you will recieve from us in MP3 for Preview. All the rest sessions go the same. 

A: What do you charge for orchestrating a 'short' score?

Q: Orchestrators are generally paid on a per-page basis,
where a page is generally equivalent to 4 bars of fully scored
music.Our rates from 10 -20 USD /page depending on
the size of the orchestra.

A: Full buyout available?

Q: All of our recording services are performed on a complete "buyout" basis.
The composer or publisher of the work retains all rights to the sound recording
and musical work for any use in any media.

A: Usually, we are looking for shorter durations like a 30" or 60", etc. 

Q: Four hours of recording time are required to book a session. If you
require less time, we have group recording sessions where we divide
a four hour session among several composers.


A: What is the cost of full CD production ?

Q: We use a  8 hour sessinons.
(4 hours recording + 4 hours mixing, mastering).
In this one session our company offers approximately 12-15 minutes 
of music depending on genre and difficulty of the score. 

So it may require four 8-hour sessions. Maybe less, but hardly more.
Usually with such amounts we compensate all overtime that may occur.

A: I presently use a bulgarian orchestra.
I can be interested by a price and quality comparaison.

Q: In fact we don't  feel any competition from Romanian, Bulgarian and
Czech orchestras because the majority of our clients still seek for
not only cost-effective but also high-quality cost-effective production. 
There are many orchestras in the world but not all of them are really
top-class. Anyway, the reputation of main Russian orchestras
have always been and and still is incomparably higher. 

We offer only top-quality orchestras.


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