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Visual Music is a new generation of audio-players. Having all features that modern audio-players have, it allows you not only listen music, but also watch it to delight in both music and high quality synthetic video range. If you understand the difference between screen saver that works simultaneously with the music and real visualization - you'll get to like Visual Music.
Our technology allows reaching unprecedented level of interaction between music and picture. You'll be surprised how diversified the video sequence can be, if it controlled by music itself.
Visual Music provides you full possibilities for useful organization your music library, as well as for the fast search of the music in Internet.
Visual Music has all functions to become your favorite music player.

Visual music supports all popular audio formats - cd-audio, waw, mp3, wma etc. Your play-lists for WinAmp and Sonique will works excellent with Visual music. For your comfort support of CDDB2 is prefabricated, that gives possibilities for fast and useful search of music information in Internet, as well as numbers of extended features now

Visual music have only features, that really necessary for fast and effective controls of your music collection. Useful and friendly interface allows beginning work with application instantly. Meanwhile, there are possibilities for fine tunes that allow make the work with program application maximally comfort specifically for you

May be you'll want to listen music as background, make other job meanwhile.
In this case Visual music is your best choice too. By one touch you'll transform it into smallest and most useful audio player in world! And the control panel will be in caption of active in this moment application window - it is useful, isn't it?

System Requirements
-Pentium II-233 
-32 MB RAM
- 15 MB free disk space
- 16bit-color display
- Windows 95/98

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